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We philosophize like a think tank, execute like the military & engage like tree huggers.

We philosophize like a think tank, execute like the military & engage like tree huggers.

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We develop creative executions & strategies across the web, TV, radio, mobile, desktop, print & other media. As David Ogilvy once said, "if it doesn't sell its not creative" - we are all about showcasing the results of our strategies.

We consult with foreign governments & heads of state, MNC's & Fortune 500's, SMB's, have worked in academia, hospitality, healthcare, real estate & business service & other industries, across all three sectors. We dabble quite successfully in:

1. advertising

2. mobile apps

3. branding

4. broadcast media

5. communication design

6. ebook

7. magazine

8. game design

9. illustration & graphics

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11. web design

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1. alignment & realignments

2. audits

3. change management

4. forecasting & strategic planning

5. project consultancy & management

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fa10's coffee break

Ashwin is a co-founder and principal of WeUsThem Inc. He has over a decade and a half of experience in effective branding, marketing and account management for international clients such as The Leela Group, The Governments of Guyana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Seychelles, and local clients like Capital District Health Authority, Dalhousie University, Wilson’s Fuel, and Xerox, Ashwin began his educational career in Computer Science and has three masters degrees in Business Administration, International Management and Executive Management from Purdue University in the United States, ESCP-EAP in France and the Central European University in Hungary.


Ashwin has worked across all three sectors in a variety of industries verticals. His work in Healthcare included leading the single largest Ambulatory Care Centre east of Montreal, serving 500-800 patients a day across 13 specialty ambulatory care services and a minor-OR. He has also worked with the Halifax Regional Municipality leading the development of its bylaws (municipal legislation) and ensuring their enforcement. Ashwin’s leadership at By-Law Services saw the first increase in

compliance through education and communication in the recent past prior to his arrival. With a strategic board on compliance and education rates, By-Law Services were in the unique position of now being perceived as a positive influence on the city as opposed to the negative one it had previously been seen as.


With higher compliance and engagement rates between departments, with the political and administrative leaders as well as the citizenship at large, By-Law Services carved its own mechanism of policy/legislation development coupled with education and communication leading positive compliance rates across the Municipality.


Ashwin has led marketing and communication strategies, bringing his knowledge of the business realm to a variety of government initiatives, not least of which are in education with Dalhousie University, in healthcare with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and internationally with clients such as The Kempinski Group, Al Ahram Group of Companies, The Government of Canada, The Government of Egypt, and others.

He has been recently asked to lead communication efforts in North Africa for work done in broadcast mediums in conjunction with The Government of Canada. His work in marketing and communicating new introductions of products, technologies and service lines has brought forth a strategic look at the approach that has looked to introducing inbound marketing techniques, to those in social media, traditional media including media planning and buying to digital and print solutions that are in tune with the product/service and the consumer in mind.


Ashwin has been identified and named as a Thinkers50, a Business Person of the Year, a Top 50 CEO, Next Generation Leader and a Champion for consumers.

Faten is a co-founder and principal of WeUsThem Inc. She has over a decade of experience in creative direction and marketing with clients like Pratt & Whitney, Stanfields Ltd., Dalhousie University, ESPN, ABC, The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, and more. Faten began her educational career in Computer Science and Business from Dalhousie University followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Broadcast and Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States.


She has led all our creative endeavors at WeUsThem bringing forward awards such as the Webby, a nomination for a CLIO and being identified as a Remarkable Business by the Globe & Mail. Marketing for Dalhousie University’s first of its kind in Canada unaccredited Information Management program, Faten brought to bear a $1.5M deal with the Government of Canada with a 75 student cohort solidifying this degree in the academic vernacular. Leading brand strategies & creative executions across all platforms, Faten has led the works of Telus Inc., TeenMentalHealth.Org, The Kempinski Group, Stanfields Ltd, Pratt & Whitney, The Leela Group of Hotels & Resorts, Cambridge University, Dalhousie University, the IWK Health Centre and a whole host of others that have led to memorable brands, products that travel the globe and are in the largest retailers such as Walmart, Winners, Target, Costco, The Hudsons Bay, etc., resources that are now being used by Facebook, The Clinton Foundation &

The Jed Foundation and advertising that is being seen by millions of visitors to hospitality and healthcare institutions globally.


Her work has been recognized by the Governor General of Canada and most recently by the Government of Egypt where she has been asked for private meetings to discuss the work she has led and its outcomes thereof to better the lives of our communities.


Faten has worked across all three sectors including the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors. She has overseen the rollout of the single largest EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for the Department of Health & Wellness across the Province of Nova Scotia as one of the largest healthcare projects to date. Overseeing clinical care, testing & support, development and communication teams, the EMR is now available in primary care as well as specialist care offices.


Faten also worked with Dalhousie University to build out the first Learning Commons in Atlantic Canada, increasing client counts by over 85%. This project has now grown to a brand new $60M facility of its own, with others seeking out advice on how to do so within their own universities across Canada.

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