WeUsThem Principal and Chief Creative Officer, Faten Alshazly has been named a Women of Inspiration by the Canadian Business Chicks. Faten was honoured during the annual awards last night at the Metro Toronto Centre.

This is Faten’s second time in twelve months being in Toronto to receive a nationally recognized award. She was in the city last when she was named Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network.

“No one is an island and no one does anything on their own. I am similarly blessed with family, friends, and colleagues who have been there with me through thick and thin.” says Alshazly. “This award is a reflection of their love and support for the work I have championed and more simply, me.”

“I feel the connection you can make with people is important in your career and I feel I have made this connection with Faten. Faten is someone I really admire. She embodies hard work, determination, and charisma. I believe these attributes are crucial for your path in life.” says Claudia Vila, UI/UX Designer at WeUsThem. “It’s amazing that she trusts us with multi-national clients while also being there to guide, assist and mentor along the way.”

“By recognizing Women of Inspiration, you are honouring their accomplishments and acknowledging the tireless commitment to becoming a leader and a role model while paving the way for future generations to follow. The ripple effect of our awards is far-reaching to validate the daily hustle and the hard work that touches the lives of people of all ages and stages of life,” says Monica Kretschmer, Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks

Alshazly and WeUsThem have had a very busy summer featuring numerous new clients nationally and internationally with a big push in Tourism, Hospitality, Academia, and Healthcare.

About WeUsThem Inc.

WeUsThem is an internationally recognized full-service ad agency. WeUsThem builds and manages international brands to broadcast, digital and print campaigns, to design, development, strategic management of online and social properties, Mobile Apps, advertising and media buying, brand strategy & development, as well as managing experiential and experimental campaigns across industries, sectors and consumer profiles. WeUsThem services its enviable global roster of clients, which includes Telus Health, The Kempinski Group, Kaplan International, Nestle, Cambridge University, Sinai Health, USAID, and a host of Government agencies such as the Canadian Space Agency, Health Canada, the State of California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Virginia, to name a few.

WeUsThem strives to be a recognized leader in the advancement of inclusive marketing and community practices, by influencing positive social change, and elevating underrepresented voices, through creating thoughtful and respectful content, that truly reflects the communities their clients serve.

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