Big Brothers Big Sisters

BBBS of Greater Halifax approached us about developing a plan to help them in securing more volunteers from within the HRM. This is a non-profit that does some amazing work within our community and we really wanted to be a part of it. When approached, the list of young people in the community who were waiting for a mentor had reached 106. They knew that their organization had to be promoted in order to gain new volunteers and we knew that we needed to help!


We set out in developing a multi-media marketing campaign that featured 3 main activations. Partnering with local coffee shops we designed and distributed custom coffee cup sleeves around the city that featured a call to action in line with the overall goal of the campaign. These beautiful sleeves also featured custom designs made specifically for this campaign that featured Big Brothers and Sisters hanging out with their Little Brothers and Sisters. Next, we strategically selected various transit shelters throughout the city for their own specific reasons which we placed custom posters in which featured call to actions and reflective material which was used to mirror whoever was looking at it in an attempt to promote the "Picture Yourself Here" statement.  We then wrapped the entire campaign together with social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Displaying content previously mentioned but also showcasing original web designs that our designers had created, as well as full-length videos featuring stories of Bigs and Littles from right here in Halifax. All content throughout the campaign was used strategically to ensure that the message was being delivered to the people of Halifax.


With creative thinking and strategic tactics, the campaign was a success with engagement rate on Facebook going up by 297% while Twitter saw a whopping 1,209% rise. Reach on Facebook during the campaign went up to 139,302 and Twitter to 128,000.


To track our performance we used online insights, specific to each of the platforms that we were advertsing on. For website traffic, Google Analytics was used to track conversions on the sign-up shteet that was setup on the volunteer page of the BBBS wesite prior to the beginiing of the campaign. Our main focus was reach and enagement on social media. Both of these areas were a booming success when the campaign wrapped up in March.


The camapign's results were presented to local members of parliment and even national ministers. Assets associated with the camapign were prasied by all and all consired the camapign to be great success for the community.

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