Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Members of the team recently travelled to the Caribbean to conduct primary research for one of our newest clients, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. During the two week trip, they visited St.Kitts & Nevis, Antigua, Saint Lucia, and Grenada.

The research being conducted was based around how consumers, merchants, and financial institutions will react to the Central Bank issuing a brand new Digital Currency. The name for this new digital currency is DXCD, playing off XCD which is the abbreviation for the  Eastern Caribbean Dollar and adding a “Digital” spin to it. Over 80 hours of engagement took place throughout the four countries. We wanted to hear directly from residents in the countries where this new payment system would soon be available. Countless interviews, focus groups, roundtables, and sun rays later the team returned to Halifax.

WeUsThem will be rolling out an entire awareness campaign for the Central Bank issued digital currency in the coming months. DXCD will be launching in a pilot phase on June 1st in the four countries previously mentioned. Following that, DXCD will be undergoing a full rollout in which it will be made available to all 8 countries located within the ECCU.

Keep your eyes peeled for what we have on the horizon!

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