Jamaica is known as a Tourism destination. What it lacks is an awareness of it being a rich and vital business and export market that has both the right mix for foreign investments and goods worth exporting in a competitive marketplace globally. We were brought in to not just look at what the current climate was for a country to present themselves to the world, but also position Jamaica as an equally rich business destination that provides the right climate (pun intended) to conduct commerce on a global stage.


As this work is currently underway, we are not at liberty to provide much more on the development of the same, however, do plan to report on its success in the near future of where we see Jamaica positioned not just in the Caribbean marketplace, but also one that is positioned well for global export and investments on the island.


As part of this work, we also look forward to run a campaign for the Government to bring the revitalized positioning to the world as Jamaica sees its evolution from a single industry revenue model to a multi industry, no nonsense, pure business approach across a variety of industries and sectors.

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