President and Chief Executive Officer of WeUsThem, Ashwin Kutty, has been recognized and honored with an induction into Atlantic Business Magazine’s esteemed Top 50 CEOs Hall of Fame.

St. John’s, Newfoundland, May 10, 2024: President and Chief Executive Officer of WeUsThem, Ashwin Kutty, has been inducted into the Atlantic Business Magazine’s esteemed Top 50 CEOs Hall of Fame. This recognition underscores Kutty’s exceptional leadership, innovation, and contribution to the business community in the Atlantic region and beyond.

“I am deeply honored to be joining a cadre of leaders that have shaped our business community in the Atlantic region for years”, said Kutty. “The recognition reflects the collective effort and dedication of all our teams at WeUsThem and HealthEMe. Together, we have navigated challenges, seized opportunities, and achieved remarkable success. I am immensely proud of our accomplishments and excited about the future as we continue to grow, innovate and make a positive impact in the industry while serving our communities near and far.”

“Ashwin’s induction into the Top 50 CEOs Hall of Fame highlights his exemplary leadership, innovative approach to business, and unwavering dedication to excellence, setting a standard that inspires those around him and underscoring WeUsThem’s status as a leading force in the industry known for its creativity, strategic thinking, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients both within and beyond the Atlantic business community” said Faten Alshazly, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeUsThem.

Beyond his role at WeUsThem, Ashwin is known for his commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. He is the current Chair of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, reflecting his belief in using business as a force for positive change and making a meaningful impact beyond the bottom line. This in addition to giving back to the community in healthcare, cancer care, mental health, education and mentorship, Ashwin believes in supporting and championing the communities he lives, works and plays in.

The Top 50 CEOs Hall of Fame recognizes leaders who have demonstrated exceptional vision, innovation, and impact within the Atlantic business community.

About HealthEMe Inc.

HealthEMe is redefining how healthcare is delivered. It has developed IP that brings evidence-based clinical decision making tools to the consumer in a manner that is best suited to them for chronic illnesses, such as Mental Illness, Cancer Care, Diabetes, etc. The solution supports pre, during and post care for individuals ensuring holistic support is made available to individuals when, where and how they need it the most. HealthEMe is currently working with partners in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, India and the United Kingdom across the healthcare, education, insurance and pharma industries.

About WeUsThem Inc.

WeUsThem is a globally acclaimed full-service advertising agency that offers a comprehensive suite of services to its diverse clientele. From crafting and managing international brand campaigns across broadcast, digital, and print media, to developing and managing online and social properties, mobile apps, advertising, and media buying, to brand strategy and development, and experiential and experimental campaigns, WeUsThem's expertise spans across industries, sectors, and consumer profiles. Its impressive roster of clients includes Telus Health, The Kempinski Group, Kaplan International, Nestle, Cambridge University, Sinai Health, USAID, and several government agencies such as the Canadian Space Agency, Health Canada, the State of California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Virginia, among others.

Driven by a passion for advancing inclusive marketing and community practices, WeUsThem strives to create meaningful social impact and elevate underrepresented voices through its thoughtful and respectful content. With a steadfast commitment to reflecting the diverse communities its clients serve, WeUsThem aims to set a new standard in the advertising industry, promoting positive social change and influencing a more inclusive and equitable world.

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