McMaster University came to us to develop the first mobile application that would capture the perspectives of the youth, the parents and their healthcare providers to truly evaluate a clinical interaction.

For the first time, a mechanism was being developed and researched on how to capture the perspectives of three different participants thereby informing how the clinical encounter could change, perhaps even improve over the case of an entire treatment cycle.

We have developed a mobile application across the Apple (iOS) and Android platforms for the youth to capture their perspective of their clinical intervention through the means of a questionnaire, provided for mechanisms to track their appointments, as well as refer to resources available to them via the application and document in a journal of what they feel over the course of the treatment. In addition, we have also developed a web interface for the healthcare provider and the family member to provide for their perspectives after each clinical intervention to then bring it together under one data set to evaluate and inform the clinical interventions moving forward.

A forward thinking application, myEXP will set the stage to improve both the clinical intervention and the outcomes thereof.

myEXP will shortly be piloted with 36 participants over a 1 year research period and will set the standard for how we capture the experiences of our youth, parents & care providers, thereby improving clinical encounters for all concerned. This experiential based approach coupled with outcome based measures can provide for a holistic view of clinical interventions and set the standard for how we define care in healthcare over the next decade.

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