Redefining the care of Alzheimer patients, through our app’s many care-based functions.
AST Application
Art & Illustration, Design, Development, Digital in Mobile & Web (UI/UX), Strategy

The challenge is to provide functions and tools for professional caregivers and family caregivers to manage the care of people with Alzheimers.


WeUsThem is creating and implementing an all-in-one mobile app for family caregivers, professional caregivers and Alzheimer patients. The app will include helpful functions such as: caregiving tools, self-serve options, finding services through the community (including research, such as TRDA research participation), connecting to social work and other programs, service feedback and evaluation, healthcare provider referrals, news, finding and registering for events, Dementia calculator, fundraising, advocacy, integration with contacts, pictures, and social apps, such as music and streaming services, as well as educational materials. These functions from different platforms can be accessed with a single login, Ontario Health Single Sign on. The app is divided into multiple phases, to implement different functionalities. Currently, we are at Phase One, implementing the container app, with caregiving functions, such as news and events, for the user’s access.