Changing the game


imTEEN empowers youth to track and take care of their health on a daily basis. It supports self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of common mental & physical illnesses. In addition, it facilitates communication of their health status & longitudinal trends with a healthcare provider, family member or friend.

Using evidence based tools developed by The Honourable Dr. Stanley Kutcher that are being used the world over, a national youth council was struck as an advisory board to identify what was required with partners like Telus, Sandbox Canada. imTEEN was designed and developed in an iterative fashion to meet the needs of youth and adolescents in a manner that supported their own health care journey best suited to them while still being connected to their care provider and their circle of care.


imTEEN has been recognized numerous times now as the mechanism for how self health management can occur beyond the clinical intervention. From access to care plans, medication records, journaling tools, assessments, connections to emergency services and the individuals circle of care and a whole host of other features has positioned it as the unique self help management interface that would be the most appropriate for most healthcare settings. With numerous awards from the W3 to the Canadian Health Informatics Award and a nod from the Ingenious Award, imTEEN has been extremely successful through its rollout and launch.




imTEEN project received Canadian Health INFORMATICS Award

Presented by Digital Health Canada and ITAC Health, the Canadian Health Informatics Award in Patient Care Innovation recognizes a for-profit healthcare ICT company and client team (private and public sector) that has successfully implemented a health-IT solution that has positively impacted patient care in innovative ways. With imTEEN, teens can monitor signs and symptoms of mental illness (with physical illness to come shortly). The app allows users to monitor moods and feelings, keep track of appointments and set reminders. Users are also able to take mental health assessments, communicate with loved ones, and access self-help resources all within the app. imTEEN empowers youth to track and take care of their mental health on a daily basis.