Athithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God)
Kempinski Group ReBranding
Advertising, AOR, Branding, Communications/PR, Design, Development, Full Stack, Integrated Campaigns, Mobile & Web, Strategy

The Leela Group of Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, a brand of The Kempinski Group were looking for support on their technical integrations and use of their ERP and CRM systems with a live Digital A/V platform throughout their properties. New to the industry, this integrated technological solution needed to be part of the ethos of their value proposition and it had to set itself apart from their competition.

All of this also needed to simultaneously launch through all their 8 geographically disparate properties. In addition to a fully integrated Digital solution was needed, they were also looking for an Agency of Record that could handle all of their Advertising needs in a highly contested Luxury space for their corporate and their sub-brands across destinations and target markets.


Project Management Consulting

We were first engaged by the Leela Group, partnered with The Kempinski Group to manage their project to bring to bear a live Digital Streaming Service across all their eight properties with a total of about 2,000 rooms. Equipped with radio, television, satellite cable, an ERP and a CRM we worked with SONY, Apple and Oracle to deliver and deploy a solution, the first of its kind in the industry for all of their properties. A system that carried your preferences, your live feeds, your personal information and your entire profile as it related to your engagement with the brand from the second you interact with it, to the time you depart, including all touch interfaces like vehicle seats, mirrors, televisions, digital walls, etc. throughout the properties is what has now become a standard in most luxury brands that provide this singular and unique service to their HNW clientele.

Agency of Record (AoR)

As an Agency of Record, we were asked to bring to bear the in-room experience to the world to extend the brand ethos to potential customers from the world over. With a distinguished domestic and international strategy, WeUsThem took on the task of branding the organization, while also positioning it across all their channels and trafficking new advertising through all traditional and digital media across various target markets.

Exploring the unique attributes of the properties from their lobbies, ballrooms, washrooms, restaurants, guest rooms, spas, clubs, pools, etc. to the unique stories that were being made at these locations were the core of the delivery of the message internationally.

From business collateral to extending the same across all of the interiors, including their linens, clothing, beddings, and packaging, as well as every touch point a customer would interact with were part of the exercise we took on to position the brand for its success on a global scale.

A multi-tiered website highlighting the physical beauty of the destination to the luxury, class and style that one would expect from five star diamond properties such as the ones that were being built out by the Group made it across not just the digital channel of the website, but also simultaneously made its way through a variety of channels. With a fully integrated experience, the website could in real-time allocate resources while also plan for and deliver on promotions to clients globally per their unique preferences.

The hospitality group also worked closely with DMO’s such as The Ministry of Tourism to not just promote tourism, but also elevate the destinations it had properties in. A collaboration saw the development of a video that aired domestically and internationally, highlighting not just the destinations, but also the unique properties The Leela had built across their 8 destinations.

From production of a variety of ads that aired across various traditional channels globally, to corporate partnerships that aired the same within their spheres of influence such as Lufthansa and Emirates to their audiences a lot of content was developed that was used across channels.

Media placements that included earned media, influencers promoting the brand across channels through their networks, to celebrating world renown DJ’s, Chefs and celebrities that called these properties their home, the brand had an alignment and affinity to various demographics across the spectrum, from those who wanted to stay to those that wanted to eat to those that wanted to dance in their halls.

A mobile application that carried the loyalty program catered to each individual uniquely was also developed and provided in conjunction with The Kempinski brand to the clientele of the brand across both domestic and international markets.

With collateral that adorned the hallways to The Leela Magazine that detailed style, opulence and luxury at a level never heard of in their geographies to being celebrated internationally with awards from most travel magazines and awards internationally The Leela is a brand unlike any other. Its properties to this day are identified as a Top 10 property by Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, CN Traveller and the like globally.

66% overall traffic increase
71% international traffic increase
48% domestic traffic increase