TeenMentalHealth.Org is both a launching as well as a landing point for resources, support & leading evidence based research on adolescent mental health. It delivers to an audience mix of youth, parents, educators, healthcare professionals and the community at large, internationally. The brand provided a siloed vision for each of the demographics trying to serve the needs of each of the audiences individually.

Recently, there has been an influx of holistic treatment and support, coupled with an international exposure not served by the brand. Although there was some thought put into the original brand with circles of care at its core, it was too reminiscent of the Target logo that carries both a corporate and starkly negative connotation of a “target”. The revamp maintained the circle of support but incorporated the new language of triangles of care along with softening the same with a richer colour palette aligning it well with the vision of the future, along with one that is focussed on the youth.

Aligned with the demographic it serves, we have taken a holistic approach to the TeenMentalHealth.Org brand by strategically rethinking all of its marketing, communications, promotional as well as partnerships bringing to bear a strategy that touched every aspect of their service delivery to the various demographics. We are currently seeing the fruits of our work travel across nationally and internationally. The successes we have enjoyed are humbling as it translates to improving the lives of our most vulnerable, while being a showcase of our expertise in the industry.

Hand sketching & illustrating 10 feet vistas of how we see the brand represented provides for a positioning unlike any other.

In appreciating all the demographics, the booth is a visual showstopper for people who associate themselves with one or more of the individuals in the visual.

Respecting diversity, professional association and the variability of vistas, a representation of a brand in this firm, very quickly identifies its position in the marketplace.

Why are banners, table runners and the like important?

How do you stop people to take notice, pay attention and grab the materials they need?

The devil is in the details and we have left nothing out. In the first banner we provide a first person interactive banner with a member of each demographic looking straight at the passerby. This subtle engagement gets a physical pause from the viewer who then engages with the banner without knowing that they are.

The second represents the statistics we deal with in Mental Health, but presents it in a fashion that is digestible by everyone. The reach of TeenMentalHealth.Org is further articulated to represent the juxtaposition of the realities of our youth and the work being done to attend to it.

The table runners further provide the visual curiosity of what could potentially be atop that table surface. From thinking about nuances around durability, mobility, use, reuse, material, visuals, etc., little details create points of interaction & curiosity.

It is vital to note that not all interaction occurs in the digital or physical spaces, but the coming together of a similar strategic view provides for a symbiotic and cohesive brand strategy.

Booth, Banner, Table Runner
Marketing Collateral

The brand needs to carry, the message needs to continue, the conversation cannot stop.

What if we took the marketing collateral and made it a vehicle of pushing the brand. The simple means are sometimes the most effective and it tends to be lost in the minutia of complex campaigns that do not tend to have a lasting impact.

A sustainable brand is created by attending to the finer points that will drive collaboration, partnerships and engagements, well past our time with it.

Virtual Home

The visual aesthetic and the interactive functionality comes together in the new TeenMentalHealth.Org. Taking a complete departure from the demographic specific structure along with the darker motif, TeenMentalHealth.Org now puts the youth in the centre of it all. It has been repositioned around the youth and the supports they need from their various interaction points in life. The motif is now suitable to a younger more youthful audience looking to pick up materials, visit web resources and experience various tools in a manner that speaks to them directly without stigmatizing or being condescending in a manner most literature is written.

It is quite evident how prevalent Mental Health is in our society and how we need to move from a suggestive or informational style of the written word to one that is action oriented, and this property does exactly that. By putting the user in control they are more apt to recognize their need to Learn, Live, Care or Explore further on matters relating to teenage mental health.

The property is now a multi-platform responsive one stop for all the audiences, locally and internationally, providing for multi-lingual and diverse rich evidence based research resources easily accessible from what is now the ToolBox.


As the grab gains momentum and traction, the extension of the brand needs to be felt across the various communicative & engagement mediums.

Key social media accounts take on the new brand visuals and the communicative styles of the reformed identity.

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