A seminal first nationally, Transitions is for first-year students transitioning from secondary to post-secondary education (high-school to university/college). It provides students with information on various topics, including time-management, relationships, sexual health, mental illness, suicide, addictions and more.  It’s currently being hailed across Canada as a leading resource, which has led to other countries inquiring about the resource with translations now being requested in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish to name a few.

Our goal when creating Transitions was to make it extremely accessible for youth, parents, educators and health care professionals. With its format versatility, it moves away from being another health care brochure or pamphlet and into the realm of an accessible and informative resource. Using a diverse approach with visuals, it is inclusive, along with an affinity to the target demographic that did not exist before. The Mental Health Commission of Canada, Kids Help Phone, Jack Project and Government of Canada & Nova Scotia agreed with us and provided their overwhelming support & endorsement for the same with Transitions. It is now being rolled out across graduating classes in school districts nationally as well as in universities from British Columbia to Newfoundland.


Format versatility requires taking advantage of all the platforms available to you. This needs ensuring the resource makes it to the hands of all the demographics. Through our research, we have found that parents prefer eBooks making it increasingly accessible from a distance, learning everything that their youth have to tackle and manage while providing appropriate supports and care as needed.

The eBook provides for dictionary lookups, highlighting, bookmarking, social sharing via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc., or the use of study cards simplifying the readability of the content and providing for a mechanism for parents, counsellors and administrators to share portions with the youth they care about.

Mobile application

How do you provide for a Mobile Application solution for a resource in print, ensure it is a light read but make it interactive to utilize the functional aspects of the mobile platform? You develop an interactive App.

The App encompassed the pocket version of Transitions, provides for social interaction through Twitter, Facebook & YouTube with contextual videos integrated within the App. It also offers direct calls to 911 or the Kids Help Phone in the event of an emergency and provides for an assessment to gauge whether it would be necessary for someone to seek out help.


How do you reach out to every student without having the capacity to meet them individually? You develop a promotional card that spreads across the schools, universities, dorms, healthcare offices, in orientation bags, where they can access Transitions how they want it, when they want it and where they want it.


1 month since the launch of Transitions saw the above figures. This has changed dramatically since then, but a 1 month snapshot is quite telling. From organic shares to reads to print versions and downloads, we agree, Transitions is a hit.

Transition Successfully

How do you get the attention of your audience? You make an animated advert that’s tongue & cheek getting their attention while providing for a few laughs.

We do not believe in stifling the creative mind to reach out to our audiences and leave a mark. We believe in doing so successfully while respective the audiences and the platforms they reside in.

Launch, Communication

Dr. Pilon, Senator Cordy, Deputy Minister Olsen, Vice President Neuman and the President & CEO of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Louise Bradley launched Transitions to a lot of fanfare.

Dr. Pilon with support from Fred & Elizabeth Fountain made a significant announcement of adopting Transitions and making it available to all the students in major Nova Scotia Universities & Colleges.

We were proud to be behind the design & development of Transitions as well as hosting its launch and managing the same including all public relations & media inquiries.

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