Each year, the Women's Executive Network (WXN) honours the top 100 Canadian women across various industries for their accomplishments and their role in reshaping Canadian organizations, serving as an inspiration for the next generation of leaders. For the third time, WeUsThem is represented with Faten Alshazly, entrepreneur, mentor and Chief Creative Officer, being recognized in the entrepreneur category.

A Principal at WeUsThem, Faten has been recognized numerous times over the course of her career, with three other industry awards this year alone, being named Top 25 Atlantic Women in Business, being recognized by the Women Get On Board along with being named a Diva of Colour internationally. Her innovative and creative leadership has been key to the continued success of WeUsThem across local, national and international stages, and being recognized for her work done at the height of the pandemic truly showcases her creative excellence as a growth driver for our initiatives.

“It is quite humbling to be included once again in this fraternity of bold and courageous leaders from across the country.“ said Faten Alshazly, Principal and Chief Creative Officer of WeUsThem. “There has never been a time more important than now where we need to lift up our tireless champions from across the country and I see this as an incredible honour to share the virtual stage with some incredible leaders” added Alshazly.

In addition to her work with WeUsThem, Faten dedicates much of her free time to mentoring, teaching and growing the community through the Women’s Executive Network (WXN), speaking at conferences and occasionally teaching at the graduate schools of Management and Design at Dalhousie University as well as NSCAD University.

Faten continues to mentor and speak for Women in IT, the Marketing and Communications professions, specifically for Women in STEM and STEAM, newly graduated women, women looking to re-enter the workforce and mid-career professionals looking to make their mark in executive positions.

“Faten has been the most ardent supporter of the female voice and inclusive leadership, so it is no surprise that she has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women for 2021.” says WeUsThem President & CEO, Ashwin Kutty. “Faten and the leaders recognized on this year’s list are helping to redefine inclusive leadership in Canadian organizations, and to once again be recognized as one of Canada’s highest achieving leaders is a testament to her work both in the office and in her community.”

About the Women’s Executive Network (WXN)

Women’s Executive Network (WXN), a member-based organization, exists for the advancement, development and recognition of professional women in Canada. WXN delivers this advancement through training, events, mentoring, networking, and award and recognition programs for members and partners. At WXN, equity, inclusion and the advancement of professional women make industry stronger and society better. Their passion is 100% centered on empowering women and creating positive social change. WXN currently operates in Canada and Ireland.

About WeUsThem Inc.

WeUsThem is a globally acclaimed full-service advertising agency that offers a comprehensive suite of services to its diverse clientele. From crafting and managing international brand campaigns across broadcast, digital, and print media, to developing and managing online and social properties, mobile apps, advertising, and media buying, to brand strategy and development, and experiential and experimental campaigns, WeUsThem's expertise spans across industries, sectors, and consumer profiles. Its impressive roster of clients includes Telus Health, The Kempinski Group, Kaplan International, Nestle, Cambridge University, Sinai Health, USAID, and several government agencies such as the Canadian Space Agency, Health Canada, the State of California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Virginia, among others.

Driven by a passion for advancing inclusive marketing and community practices, WeUsThem strives to create meaningful social impact and elevate underrepresented voices through its thoughtful and respectful content. With a steadfast commitment to reflecting the diverse communities its clients serve, WeUsThem aims to set a new standard in the advertising industry, promoting positive social change and influencing a more inclusive and equitable world.

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