A Digital Gateway for the Northernmost City
City of Whitehorse Website Redesign
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The City of Whitehorse has an aging digital storefront to the City for its residents, businesses and tourists that want to explore our northern most city.

With a basic website that most definitely needed a major revamp since it’s inception about ten years ago, the City was looking for a way to have this digital storefront be the gateway for all its audiences. Coupled with this, they were struggling with the custom and sharing proprietary platform they were on that did not provide for a way to have workflows, distributed governance and/or modular build outs that would allow for the continued growth of the platform with the City’s needs over time.


From an intensive discovery and engagement exercise involving both internal and external audiences, as well as through primary and secondary research activities, the requirements to position the City for the future were clear. From a human centered user interface to an accessible first technical build of a storefront that would reflect the City in all its glory were just the overarch that identified for what would become the new website for the City of Whitehorse.

An attractive, intuitive, and accessible website that will service Whitehorse for years to come has been prototyped and put through user acceptance tests. The entire platform has also been built from the ground up with a launch scheduled any day now, leading the City into the fall and the new year with a new digital home that is truly reflective of everything it has to offer.

From technical workflows, to distributed governance models, to integrated pathways with their enterprise architecture and of course a beautiful and persona based user experience the website will become the way for how the City greets its current and future residents, visitors, businesses and staff to the Whitehorse community.