Welcoming the new digital age, through global digital currency.
ECCB Marketing Strategy
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Our challenge was to engage with consumers, merchants, financial institutions, the central bank and the citizens at large, in 8 countries, to identify what a digital currency would mean for the Eastern Caribbean Central Union (ECCU). As well, we needed to effectively market the currency for the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to introduce globally, as a pilot rollout.


We recently worked with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), to market 1 of 10 digital currencies to be introduced globally. We created unique campaigns for consumers, in 4 separate countries, for the pilot rollout, and handled all of the advertising, public relations, and communications needs. We worked with IBM, who provided the internal blockchain technology, to be kept central to the ECCB. The roll-out across all 8 countries has taken place, and has been extremely successful with the tactics we had identified, along with continued roll-out through the entire currency union. Numerous international FinTech awards have been won for the initiative, as well as the uptake that the countries have seen. Uptake continues, and the EC$ can officially state that they are now 1 of 3 official digital currencies in the world, across their Union, offering their citizens more financial choices, as we head toward the digital future.

8 Different country audience
4 Successful commercial roll-out
400+ Survey recipients